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Mindful Outdoor Experiences.

Groups and Individual Guided Experiences in the Forest Community & with Flowing River Family

Rates Vary by Group Size-$45 and up. Save when booking Larger Groups (60 minutes, 90 minutes or 6 hours available. Shirley Ann Certified by Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership(RSVP)

~Here’s a new Pranayama variation of alternate nostril breathing:

Anuloma Viloma is a variation of Nadi Shodhana (Alternate-Nostril Breathing), with a short breath retention. Breath retention stokes the tejas, an Ayurvedic term meaning “inner radiance,“ by charging the nervous system with self-generated heat, warming the body, and clearing the chattering of the mind (and possibly the teeth!). One of the keys to practicing Anuloma Viloma is to keep the breath retention short, to avoid strain. The breath should be held for a few counts, four to 10 heartbeats at the most.

In anuloma viloma pranayama, the forefinger and middle finger of the right hand rest between the eyebrows while the thumb closes the right nostril. The inhalation is through the open left nostril. Then the thumb is released and the ring and little fingers close off the left nostril, allowing the exhalation of the right nostril. The cycle finishes with an inhalation through the right nostril and an exhalation through the left.

A typical practice of anuloma viloma pranayama continues for 10 cycles of this pattern, followed by two to three minutes of normal breathing. The yogi then reverses the pattern, beginning with an inhalation through the right nostril, exhalation through the left, followed by an inhalation through the left and an exhalation through the right nostril.

This pranayama is designed to create emotional and spiritual balance. It also has these benefits:

  • Oxygenates the blood
  • Strengthens the respiratory system
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Relieves headaches


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