January 21st at 1pm (2024!!)

“Winter Gratitude Practice”

Slowing down to enjoy Fire &  Water. 

Includes Sauna, Hot Tub, Wild and Wonderful Cold Creek/River Plunge, plus snacks to feed the internal 🔥 Fire. Laughter and playfulness included, with mindful winter preparedness to reset & to bring us present in our body & mind through breath and natures elements, fire and water.

 donation based, donations go to a local nonprofit, to be decided by our group at the event. RSVP by January 19th midnight. Link in bio,

[email protected]

Shirley Ann Burgess

December 1st at 5pm-

“The Way of Tea”

Come and enjoy a relaxed tea ceremony by the Little River at Living Light River Studio in Floyd, sponsored by InStill Mindfulness SWVA. Jagadeesh and Sarah will be leading us in a beautiful tea ceremony, not to be missed.

December 3rd at 4pm- Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath

Join ShirleyAnn for a meditative journey through the body, followed up with Jack Howard presenting a Sound Bath to deepen the experience! RSVP

December 22nd at 5pm-

Sitting with Darkness & the Unknown

” The darkness will be your womb tonight, giving you a horizon further than the eyes can see….

-David Whyte

Experience the Winter Solstice in the forest, embracing, instead of fear, embracing both darkness & solitude. You’ll be guided with others to a sit spot within the forest, guided by ShirleyAnn, followed by a Sound Bath Journey with Jack Howard, then celebrating the return of light with candles, a simple winter meal and herbal tea/ hot apple cider sitting together in community. Fire circle is dependent on weather and fire bans.

ShirleyAnn is certified by Kripalua Yoga Institute as a Kripalua Mindful Outdoor Leader, she brings her knowledge of somatic movement, rolfing knowledge, yoga knowledge, outdoors knowledge, and life experiences to you through these earth connecting programs.. She leads Mindful Outdoor Experiences for individuals and groups. The mindful programs are centered around forests & waterways. These experiences may include additional add-ons, such as building nature mandalas, nature rooms, fire building, shelter building, and more.

The event will be held on 19 acres adjacent to the Little River, the ancestral land of the Tutelo (also Totero, Totteroy, Tutera; Yesan in Tutelo), presently stewarded by Living Light River Studio and the more than human world.

Donation Based

RSVP by 12/20/23

[email protected] or text 540.553.4378

Additional options to schedule:

Mindful Outdoor Experiences Groups and Individual Guided in the Forest Community & River Community:

Rates vary by group size-$45 per person per 90 minutes, or $75 9am-4pm group rate includes lunch for groups of 3+. Save when booking larger groups 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 6 hours and overnights available. Shirley Ann is Certified by Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership. Personal retreats are also available, 2 hours, full 8 hour day or an overnight experience. Retreat will be tailored to your needs, and may include other amenities from the Living Light Studio, let’s talk!

[email protected]

[email protected]