Wellness Prices

Gift Certificates are available at the Studio or online. To purchase online use the Buy Now button at the bottom of this page, and submit the item price. Email [email protected] with an address or email address of where you’d like your gift certificate to be sent. Also send any special directions you’d like added to the gift certificate.

Yoga Classes

Drop In $12 or  Forever Card 5 for $50

Private 60 minute class-$35

Rolfing Sessions

60-90 minutes $110

30 Minutes $45*

60 Minutes-$75*

75 Minutes $80

-90 Minutes $100

Couples Massage: 60 minutes $160 or 90 minutes $220

Back & Neck: 30-60 minutes- $40-65

Hot Stones $5 extra
Essential Oil $5 extra
Sauna 45 minutes $20, additional people $5 each
Hot Tub Soak 15 minutes with a service $10 – without a service $15per person for 30 minutes

Gift Certificates Available