Structural Integration
“Optimal movement comes only in terms of balanced planes.”
Dr. Ida Rolf, Ph.D
Rolfing promotes well-being ,enhancing the body’s
pattern of organization. It balances the body in gravity
and enables participants to function at successively
higher levels of efficiency and ease.
Possible Benefits:
* Relief from chronic musculoskeletal conditions
* such as back pain, neck pain and joint restrictions.
* Improved postural conditions.
* Improved range of motion/flexibility.
* Improved breathing, circulation, digestion and elimination
* Increased body awareness.
* Improvement in athletic performance

Rolfing® Sessions, What to expect in the session:

Each session begins with a health history and a conversation about what your expectations are from the ten series. The first session will last an additional 15-30 minutes due to the health intake. Women please wear your bra and underwear or bring a 2-piece bathing suit. Men wear boxers, shorts or underwear. Wear something that you feel comfortable in but which exposes the structure of your body. If you are not comfortable with this please contact me and I’ll be assessing you with clothes on and will give suggestions of clothing that will make it easier to observe your postural structure. I will be assessing your posture through observation. Observation of your posture gives me information on what we will be working with during each session. Each session builds support for the next session and for your overall health maintenance. Rolfing sessions range between an hour, up to one and a half hours. There will be ten sessions within the series. Sometimes we may end at the ninth session and sometimes the 12th. I will let you know if we need to shorten or extend the series to fit your needs. Rolfing differs from massage in that I am working with your fascia, the organ of structure & I usually need no lotion or creams. I stay in the room with you and we don’t drape with a sheet unless you are chilled. I am integrating the body, therefore I like to check what is changing from the head to the foot. As in massage, I also do a check-in on how you are doing, what you feel and what I observe. I may give you some tools such as imagery, exercises, or awareness to play with and to use out in your world between sessions. You may choose to use these or not, take what works and let the rest go. Shirleyann Burgess is a certified Rolfer here in our Floyd community.
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